The Offer To Buy (OTB) is one of the final steps in the right-of-way acquisition process. This is the point where the affected property owner is informed of how much their property is worth from the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) perspective.

Before OTBs are issued, however, the following processes have to be complete -- as per DOTr communication:

  • Notice of Taking
  • Request for Donation
  • Appraisal

As related by Atty Clipton at the Mindanao Railway Speaks Up forum on the 10th of February, these processes are done by batches. This statement dovetails with the statements that the MRPO has been giving individual property owners about how delays in appraisals are tied to the issuance of OTBs.

This article will focus on the progress of efforts towards the OTB.


Update - February 24, 2021: At virtual press conference hosted by the Presidential Communications Operations Office, the DOTr provided an update a variety of projects, including the Mindanao Railway.

City Delivery of Notices of Taking Completion of appraisals
Tagum 64% 19%
Carmen Data unavailable 78%
Panabo 88% 96%
Davao 62% 7%
Sta. Cruz 23% 3%
Digos 71% 53%


 At the same conference, specifically at time index 1:19:08, ASec Eymard Eje officially announced that construction of Phase 1 would actually begin with the stretch of railway that would connect Panabo with Carmen. Given the progress of NOT and appraisals for Panabo, and the favorably flat terrain in the area, the rationale for this selection is clear.


Update - January 18, 2021: Many thanks to a member of the Mindanao Railway Watchers community from Catalunan Grande for sharing this. This image is available on the MindaRW FB group here.


Update - November 20, 2020: Many thanks to a member of the Mindanao Railway Watchers community for sharing this message from the Mindanao Railway Project Office. Offers To Buy (OTB) have not yet gone out as appraisals are still ongoing. This image is also available on the MindaRW FB group here.